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Leveraging years of broadcast television production experience and the sensitivity to the unique needs of a life-critical surgical environment, Northwest Telemedicine has developed a minimally-invasive method for acquiring video and diagnostic video imagery and two-way audio from the operating room in a manner which seamlessly and conveniently coexists with day to day operations.

Bob Worden

Founder of Northwest Telemedicine

Founder, Chief Technologist Bob Worden of Northwest Telemedicine

Or founder, Bob Worden began his career in television broadcasting working for KCET-TV and later with KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, He started Worden-Wood Broadcast Services in 1984 in Burbank, California catering primarily to broadcast TV organizations and networks around the globe.


Bob spent the next 26 years pioneering new and revolutionary production techniques and technologies in the field of satellite broadcasting, distant remote inspection and verification, remote battlefield simulation for DARPA and the U.S. Department of Defense and many landmark collaborative webcast and teleconference events internationally.

Bob's instinctive understanding and sensitivity to complex and mission critical situations have always influenced his designs and solutions, with high fault tolerance and superb robustness and reliability as a mainstay

We Get It. 

Most of our clients don't even know we are there...

Northwest Telemedicine Roll Around Surgical Video Production System for Multiple Lab Operations

We understand that having a television crew do a live broadcast from your lab is inconvenient and cumbersome, We also understand that there's logistics, departments and key stakeholders within your organization that need to review and approve how things get done.

At Northwest Telemedicine we treat pre-production as mission-critical. We do our homework before we ever arrive on site. We manage the process of working hand-in-hand with your Lab Adminstrator and Lab Staff, I.T. Networking and Security and Connectivity vendors to ensure that our temporary visit to your facility is well planned, approved and as we call it "Minimally Invasive." Scores of our clients have found our presence in their labs to be nearly invisible.

And thats precisely the way we want it.

With hundreds of surgical procedures under our belt we intrinsically understand the most effective methods and techniques to ensure complete comprehension and understanding of your unique procedures by your audience. We want to replicate the "Being There" experience for your viewers.

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